ULO Optics Ltd

Unit 2 Caxton Place
Caxton Way

Tel: 01438 767500
Fax: 01438 767555

ULO Optics Limited is one of the top manufacturers of IR optics in the world. ULO are specialists in high-quality CO2 Laser Optics and Beam Delivery Equipment. We are an ISO 9001 certified company that has been meeting the needs of our customers since 1982. ULO cater to a broad range of customers from end users requiring custom solutions to large laser manufacturers and OEMs. Our comprehensive product range includes various laser components including CO2 mirrors, CO2 lenses, cavity optics and scanner optics inluding AR/AR coatings. We also manufacture a versatile range of beam delivery equipment for a range of industrial applications. With over three decades of experience in designing and fabricating beam delivery solutions, we have gained exceptional knowledge in supporting customers designing custom optics for CO2 and thermal imaging applications. ULO Optics' scanning lenses are still the widely used standard throughout the industry.

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