SS Laser Solutions, supplier of laser consumables, sheet metal forming tools and machinery, introduces the Laser Slat Cleaning Machine, the most pocket- and user-friendly laser slat cleaning machine in the market. The SSLS slat cleaning machine is suitable for slat thicknesses of 2.5mm, 3mm and 4mm which are the common thicknesses in the laser market. It can be used on any laser cutting machine brand and any table size such as 1250*2500, 1500*3000, 2000*4000 and 2000*6000.

“According to our 15 years experience in the laser market, most of the customers were either struggling with cleaning laser slats in a time consuming, dangerous ways or basically cutting new slats when there is still a lot of life time remaining in the existing ones. Customers were losing money, valuable machine running time and operator’s time. They had to purchase expensive slat cleaning solutions, until now.” said Sinan Bilgin, Managing Director of SS Laser Solutions.

“Cutting new slats for 2 laser beds, in addition to the cost of new slat material, removing old ones and fitting new ones, takes hours for an operator which needs to be calculated as a cost. When you use SSLS slat cleaning machine, by doing weekly or bi-weekly cleaning you can multiply the life-time of your laser slats. Cleaning of both 2 tables would take around 20-30 mins generally and will save hundreds of hours to be unnecessarily spent by the machine and operator.

SS Laser Solutions is also offering an out-of-the-box service to their customers as well which is  laser slat cleaning in customer’s premises. “We have seen that some customers don’t want to invest in a machine for the time being but still want their slat cleaning problem solved. For this reason we’ve recently launched our slat cleaning service for them. We go to their premises and do the cleaning with our professional slat cleaning machine in 30mins time so they can keep on working on clean slats. As a courtesy to our esteemed AILU members, we offer them 10 percent discount either when purchasing the machine or for the first 4 slat cleaning service.”

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