8 July 2021

SmartRay 3D Weld Inspection from Abicor Binzel

SmartRay's combined hardware and software package uses 3D sensors with an advanced algorithmic process to quickly and reliably inspect weld dimensions for compliance and weld defects for rework.

SmartRay 3D Weld Inspection features and benefits include,

  • Automates weld inspection process to increase production speed
  • Makes the weld inspection process more reliable and accurate
  • Ultra-precise 3D weld joint scan in a fast and reliable hardware/software package
  • Able to measure both weld dimensions and detect weld defects to micron levels of detail
  • High speed scanning at a rate of 8 KHz and up to 400 mm/second
  • Allows for multiple sensor heads to connect to a single software depending on application
  • A variety of sensor head designs allows for the SmartRay solution to access complex parts


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