6 May 2021

Lasermet's ICS Buddy - the portable laser interlock controller you can take anywhere

The ICS Budd is Lasermet’s portable laser interlock controller and monitor that can be used to remotely view and control the status of laser interlock controllers and laser shutters in a lab. It provides portable control enabling the user to  walk around with the tablet from the office to other locations, and remotely view and control the safety of the laser lab. It just needs a local Wi-fi signal to stay in touch.

The ICS Buddy can see the status of the whole lab remotely in Lab View - ideal for numerous interlocks, shutters and LED warning signs. It acts as another interlock controller that duplicates the main controller installed at the entrance to the lab.

The ICS Buddy tablet uses the local Wi-Fi to monitor the status of the doors, switches, shutters, signs and the laser. It can also be used with Lasermet’s Safety Logic Plus – the logic-based safety control system. It enables the laser to fire only when all of the relevant safety switches are closed.

 • Open and close shutters remotely

• Check and monitor the safety status of the lab remotely

• Disable the laser remotely 

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