19 July 2016

Latest developments in laser welding

  • Sector: Laser welding
  • Location: Granta Centre, TWI Ltd, Cambridge
  • Attendees: All welcome

This event will highlight some of the latest developments of laser welding at TWI, from micro-joining of electronics to thick-section structural applications in the energy sectors, and includes live demonstrations on TWI's equipment.

TWI has been at the forefront of the technological development of using lasers for materials processing since the mid-1960s, providing world-class support to many industries, including the automotive, shipbuilding and aerospace sectors. 

Laser welding is a versatile welding process, which has found a number of applications in industry; from welding of car bodies and aircraft fuselage panels to the welding of shipbuilding structures. The industrial uptake of laser welding is driven by requirements such as high volume production, high weld quality and/or low weld distortion. Many variants of laser welding technology are currently used in production processes, with applications covering metals and plastics. TWI has considerable experience in the successful development and qualification of laser welding procedures for a variety of different applications, across numerous industry sectors.  


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