Measurement, Calibration and Quality control

Parts inspection


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  • Charles Day (Steels) Ltd
    Location: South Yorkshire
    Status: Manufacturer
    Laser Virtek QC Inspection of cut parts and preparation of Cad files from samples.

    6 Downgate Drive Sheffield
    S4 8BT

    Contact: Charlie Day   Tel: +44 (0) 114 244 5544 Email: Fax: 0114 2445588
  • Oxford Lasers Ltd
    Location: UK South Central
    Status: Manufacturer
    Vision/imaging systems and software for part inspection, measurement and analysis

    Unit 8 Moorbrook Park Didcot Oxfordshire
    OX11 7HP

    Contact: Martyn Knowles   Tel: 01235 810088 Email: Fax: 01235 810060

  • ULO Optics Ltd
    Location: UK South East
    Status: Manufacturer
    ULO Optics' SV60 Stress Viewer is used to measure lens stress caused by physical damage, incorrect mounting and high intensity radiation. Stress shows up as birefringence, which can be seen when the component is viewed between two crossed polarizers and illuminated with visible light.

    Unit 2 Caxton Place
    Caxton Way
    SG1 2UG

    Contact: Paul Maclennan   Tel: 01767 600877 Email: Fax: 01438 767555

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