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Solid state harmonics


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  • Coherent Rofin
    Location: UK
    Coherent Rofin offers a full range of optional devices that can be used in combination with our ultrafast products to extend system performance. Frequency doubled (532nm) and frequency tripled (355nm) Nd:YAG and Vanadate lasers for materials processing. These are also available with galvo optics for marking and other scanning applications.

    Unit 2, Newnham Drive Daventry Northamptonshire
    NN11 8YN

    Contact: Roy Harris   Tel: +44 (0) 1327 701100 Email:

  • Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd
    Location: UK
    Status: Manufacturer
    Ultrashort Pulse Laser MOIL-ps

    2 Howard Court
    10 Tewin Road
    Welwyn Garden City
    AL7 1BW

    Contact: Victoria Hudson   Tel: 01707 294 888 Email:
  • Laser Lines Ltd
    Location: UK Midlands
    Status: Agent
    Laservall green (532nm) and UV (355nm) lasers for marking and engraving

    Beaumont Close Banbury Oxon
    OX16 1TH

    Contact: David Earl Email: Fax: 01295 672550
  • Photonic Solutions Ltd
    Location: UK Scotland
    Status: Agent
    Second, Third and Fourth Harmonic generators for a wide range of lasers including Sirah frequency conversion units; Quantronix and Light Conversion Topas; OPOs and regenerative amplifiers. We offer a large range of devices to help you access many laser

    Unit 2.2 Quantum Court Heriot-Watt University Research Park Edinburgh
    EH14 4AP

    Contact: Ben Agate   Tel: 0131 664 8122 Email: Fax: 0131 449 7301

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