Laser Sources

Solid state short pulse: approx. 1ns > 10ps


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  • Coherent Rofin
    Location: UK
    Our vast experience with Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF, Nd:Glass, and Ti:Sapphire as amplifier mediums, and the flexibility of our modular approach, enables us to create a wide range of solutions for solid-state amplification. X-Lase 30ps fibre laser for micromachining applications.

    Unit 2, Newnham Drive Daventry Northamptonshire
    NN11 8YN

    Contact: Roy Harris Email:

  • InnoLas (UK) Ltd
    Location: UK Midlands
    Status: Manufacturer
    InnoLas manufacture a range of sub nanosecond laser sources, please contact us for details.

    20 Butlers Leap Rugby Warks
    CV21 3RQ

    Contact: Ian Duckett   Tel: 01788 550777 Email: Fax: 01788 550888

  • Laser SOS Ltd
    Location: UK South East
    Status: Manufacturer
    Non-linear optics, components and sub-assemblies for second harmonic generation

    Unit 3 Burrel Road
    St Ives
    PE27 3LE

    Contact: Antoni Koszykowski   Tel: 01480 460990 Email: Fax: 01480 469978
  • Photonic Solutions Ltd
    Location: UK Scotland
    Status: Agent
    Microchip laser range from Teem Photonics offers up to 100kW average power with wavelength options of 1064, 532, 355 and 266nm. High Q compact picosecond oscillators and regenerative amplifiers passively mode-locked at up to 1MHz in the IR, green and

    Unit 2.2 Quantum Court Heriot-Watt University Research Park Edinburgh
    EH14 4AP

    Contact: Ben Agate   Tel: 0131 664 8122 Email: Fax: 0131 449 7301

  • SPI Lasers UK Ltd
    Location: UK South Central
    Status: Manufacturer
    redENERGY Pulsed Laser 10W - 40W Micro-machining covers a wide variety of industrial processes. Processes that require less than 50W can often be performed using SPI?s redENERGY pulsed lasers. SPI?s redENERGY pulsed lasers achieve excellent results in micro-machining and are suitable for a very wide range of high precision micro-machining applications. Applications requiring ablation, scribing, drilling, cutting thin metals, ITO patterning, silicon processing, resistor trimming, and many more are all within the lasers capability. As with marking, the key differentiator of SPI?s redENERGY pulsed lasers is the versatility of the 25 selectable waveforms and the benefits that accompany its flexibility. The ability to optimize key pulse characteristics to individual applications gives enhanced process quality and productivity. Laser marking represents one of the largest application areas for industrial lasers. The need for marking is varied, covering product identification and traceability to functionality or just simply by adding value in terms of branding and personalization. Lasers are the tool of choice no matter what the material as they produce permanent marks with a non-contact process at high speed with high precision. Laser marking requires no consumables and marks are computer generated and are therefore highly flexible. SPI?s redENERGY fiber lasers out-perform conventional lasers in marking applications on metal, plastic and other surfaces. They are ideal for a wide range of marking applications including black anneal color marking on stainless steel, paint layer removal on mobile phone keypads and marking integrated circuits (ICs). The differentiator with SPI?s redENERGY lasers is the pulse operating range accessed through the 25 selectable waveforms giving a range from CW- 500kHz. This gives users the ability to tune peak power, pulse energy and pulse frequency for their application. SPI also offers tailored beam quality to meet specific marking and micro-machining requirements.

    3 Wellington Park Hedge End Southampton
    SO30 2QU

    Contact: John Tinson Fax: + 44 1489 779698

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