19 January 2021

XL Precision Technologies announces expansion of facilities in UK and USA

XL Precision Technologies (XL-PT) announces a major capital investment to expand facilities in the first quarter of 2021 after record performance in 2020, even though it will go down in history as a tough year for most manufacturers. In spite of the underlying conditions during the Coronavirus Pandemic, XL-PT, a specialist manufacturer of medical technology, has achieved the highest ever level of new enquiries and product development activity. Over the past 3 years XL-PT has successfully implemented a growth strategy which resulted in 70% growth in revenue in both the USA and UK. This performance has given XL-PT confidence to put into motion an expansion plan which will see both facilities extend into neighbouring buildings resulting in a major increase in floorspace. Projected growth in existing projects requires rapid implementation of the expansion programme, all fully funded by internal investment.

At the primary manufacturing site in Stockton-on-Tees (UK), XL-PT has signed the lease to the adjacent building which will add 17,400 square feet of floorspace to the existing capacity. From signing the lease to occupying the building is anticipated to take no more than 3 months. Process flow will be enhanced through an efficient mix of specialised, high technology manufacturing cells. The Laser Technology Centre will increase in floor space by 2.5x and a new custom-built, automated and validated cleaning system for medical devices will triple the current throughput. A dedicated material management system will ensure a higher capacity for specialist medical grade tubing, and the additional floorspace will improve the facilities for hosting customers and internal meetings. Sophisticated environment controls and waste management will ensure that around 70% of consumables are recycled.

In the USA, the West Chester (PA) facility will be almost doubled with ambitious plans to add floor space and install equipment by May 2021 - further enhancing the service to clients in the Americas.

Local communities around Stockton-on-Tees, UK and West Chester (PA), USA will see benefits in the investment in property and people, providing opportunities for many other local service providers. XL-PT is committed to the retention of a skilled and dedicated team and has plans for future recruitment in both territories.

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