19 January 2021

Micrometric expands customer base with new StarCut Tube system

Micrometrichas introduced Coherent's StarCut Tube system to its range of cutting equipment. The fully automated machine is designed to laser cut, drill and mark tubular or flat metal components and is traditionally used by subcontract manufacturers to produce exclusive medical instruments with extremely high precision.

Since investing in this equipment, Micrometric’s skilled and knowledgeable workforce have found new uses for this machine; unlike most UK subcontractors, the company has been using it to produce a flexible range of tube components in large volumes as well as finer, more precise parts for a wide range of sectors other than medical.

Neil Main, Managing Director at Micrometric, said: “We invested in the StarCut Tube machine as we knew it could deliver the required performance for a wide range of projects and had a long, low-maintenance lifetime which is necessary for cost-effective operations within our working environment.

“The machine´s versatility allows us to cut thinner tubes than our other machines and has allowed us to extend our capabilities and the range of customers we can service.”

Micrometric has already used the machine to cut, assemble and weld complex medical, and aerospace components for companies that produce aerospace filters, automated injection needles, endoscopy components and MRI scanning equipment.

Neil added: “Thanks to this machine, we can produce components for different types of sectors, including airflow sensors, flexible protective covers, valves used for car suspension systems, industrial and medical endoscopy equipment, printing machines and food production.

“We’ve always tried to address difficult tasks by investing heavily in our equipment and in staff training. This machine is perfect for customers looking to produce reliable components with extremely precise design criteria, as well as those using materials which are less common than sheet steel.

“We’re looking forward to starting some exciting new projects using this machine in the New Year by working with both our existing customers and new ones too.”

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