2 September 2020

PRIMES laser beam diagnostics now also for focus geometries of multi- kilowatt lasers in the green and blue spectral range

PRIMES has now additionally qualified the FocusMonitor FM+ for use with multi-kilowatt lasers in the green and blue spectral range. For the first time, laser users are now able to efficiently measure and monitor their laser-based machining processes, laser systems and production tasks from the far infrared to the blue spectral range.

Multi-kilowatt lasers in the green and blue spectral range are particularly suitable for laser processing of copper materials used, for example, in batteries or electric motors for e- mobility. The absorption of copper is higher in the spectral range mentioned above than in the spectral range around 1 micron used so far. This either saves laser power with the same productivity or enables a correspondingly higher productivity with the same power.

Since new and powerful lasers in the green and blue spectral range have recently become available for industrial use, PRIMES now offers with the FocusMonitor FM+ a reliable qualification tool for the above mentioned applications. It is already established as a reference instrument for quality assurance in both process development and laser-based manufacturing. Now, users can also use the PRIMES FocusMonitor FM+ for the standard- compliant measurement of focus geometries in the green and blue spectral range, which is particularly advantageous for e-mobility and battery production.

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