30 July 2020

Brinell Launch new range of Cytoscope Laser Protection Camera Filters

Brinell Vision have launched a range high precision laser filters specifically for the protection of cameras from exposure to scattered and reflected laser light. The range include an updated colour balanced 532nm filter along with Nd:YAG (1064nm) and Holmium (2,100nm).  The filters have been developed at their new UK thin film Lab in Blairgowrie, Scotland. The same advanced, environmentally sustainable thin-film deposition process was instrumental in meeting the stringent performance demanded for its range of IR Astronomical and Space based weather monitoring filters and has now been adapted for high end laser protection of vision systems for applications in medical and advanced instrumentation. Although the filter have been specifically developed for medical microscopes they can also be used for monitoring in industrial laser processing systems.

Laser Cystoscopes require an integrated filter to protect the camera’s sensor from the wavelengths of light being used. 532nm emitted from a green light laser system is becoming more established in various procedures (such as Photoselective Vapo-Enucleation and Cauterization). The wavelength (532nm) is centre of the photopic response and blocking this area changes the colour perception dramatically unless the filter is highly selective and the visible colours are rebalanced. Brinell Vision’s CNG04 green laser filter provides high levels of laser blocking, excellent colour balance, and clarity.




Image: Brinell BV-CNG05-32:8 Green Laser protection filter

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