3 July 2020

ALE introduces its new Pronto 4 Laser Platform

ALE introduces its new Pronto 4 Laser Platform, a revolutionary world’s first. This new state of the art laser technology is targeted at the graphical engraving market for the printing and embossing industries.

Productivity will be vastly improved with up to 4 lasers capable of engraving simultaneously with a maximum additive power of 1000 watts, into a single focusing lens. This means all lasers end up at the same position and focus, on the roller being engraved.

This also provides ultra-high accuracy during the engraving process and also increased productivity by utilizing all of the lasers simultaneously, this is a World first.

The new Fibretronic Control System incorporated into the Pronto Platform can choreograph the movement of 20 to 30 beams intertwining with each other, ensuring that each beam individually, is in the right place at the right time.

The advantage of multiple beams is that you obtain cleaner & sharper engraving as each beam removes a little amount of material at a time. The technique of engraving with multiple beams we call Polygraphic Engraving.

The Pronto Platform can either be purchased and retrofitted to an existing ALE or non-ALE precision machine bed or purchased as part of a full ALE system. In order to allow the Pronto Platform to be easily integrated with ALE or other engraving machines we have incorporated a 3-axis motor controller into the Fibretronic System.

The 3-axis controller provides inputs to the motor drives on the engraving machine. Positional feedback for each axis can be provided by an angular encoder for the rotary axis, a linear encoder for the linear axis, and a Laser Dial Gauge (LDG) for the laser focus axis.

The Pronto Platform can also be fitted with several laser types. We supply a range of laser wavelengths in a choice of laser pulse durations covering: microsecond, nanosecond, and picosecond. Lasers can be supplied with optical output powers ranging from 50 to 500 watts.

For instance 4 x 250w Harmony II Fibre Lasers (operating in both CW and Pulsed modes) could be configured totaling 1000 watts or 4 x 50 watt Picosecond Lasers could be configured totaling 200 watts.

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