15 June 2020

The AL-CROSS - Robust, mobile and user friendly fibre laser from ALPHA LASER

TLM Laser Introduce the new AL-CROSS with 450 W fiber laser from ALPHA LASER.

With this new development, ALPHA LASER have implemented their customers needs: robustness, mobility, user-friendliness and various storage options - and of course a powerful laser.

The high mobility of the laser arm enables a very flexible work area to weld even, if necessary, on a car roof or to carry out small overhead welding jobs. But work close to the ground can also be realized.

Generous storage areas and special brackets on the hole pattern of the housing ensure order and quick access to wire and tools.

A small trailer (the 5th wheel on the laser) allows a gas bottle to be transported directly in the work environment

Integrated brackets, an eyelet for the cable winch and a transport height of 1.25 m ensure safe storage in trailers and small vans.

The laser system takes user-friendliness into account in many small details: from the eye-friendly, tiltable touch display, to new software features and the innovative multifunction joystick AL-DRIVE, which makes the operator's job easier in many ways.

The AL-DRIVE was awarded the German Design Award.

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