15 June 2020

Astes4 Webinar Presents Automated Parts Sorting Solutions

Astes4 and Mitsubishi Electric present a free online Zoom webinar titled:

"How to improve productivity, reduce costs and increase profit from your laser cutting system with an automated parts sorting solution” on Monday 29 June at 14:00 BST (15:00 CEST).

Laser users who are interested to discover how automated part sorting can improve their laser cutting system should register for the webinar at to attend online using Zoom. The Mitsubishi Electric / Astes4 solution will be presented by experts from Astes4.



You will be able to:

  • “Go Beyond” with a Virtual Demo of the latest laser technology and advanced automation without leaving the comfort of your home or business.
  • See a Sorting Run Demonstration from the Astes4 Swiss-based Automation Technology Center
  • Interact Live with Webinar Astes4 Experts.
  • Establish the type of equipment, automation and software solutions required to meet specific challenges to unload laser cutting machines.

The webinar will last for approximately 50 minutes and will be lively and interactive

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