4 June 2020

High Power, High-Brightness Blue Lasers from Laser 2000

Based on NUBURU’s patented proprietary technology, our AO lasers enable defect-free and spatter-free copper welding for a large range of metal processing applications. This technology also delivers improved processing speeds of 2× to more than 20× that of current infrared lasers (1μm). The product portfolio ranges from 200 Watts (AO-200) to 650 Watts (AO-650) and to 1.3kW (combining two AO-650 through a single welding lens).



  • Blue dramatically improves or enables impossible process windows with IR
  • Blue wavelength is superior to green even at equal power


  • SPATTER FREETM welding process
  • Conduction mode weld in yellow metals


  • Welding: Lithium-ion Battery, Electronics Packaging, Consumer Electronics, PV, Automotive Interconnects, Cu–Au-Al–Ni–SS and Others
  • Cladding, Brazing, LMD
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Solid State Laser Pumping (Ti:Sapphire–Alexandrite...)
  • Projection Display

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