19 May 2020

Witches hat filters from Croft

Witches' hat filters can be composed of layers of wire cloth to create a filter material with higher strength and rigidity. The multilayer meshes form an ideal uniform filtration structure. The material and structure maximise the flow area, effectively reducing resistance and ensuring reliable operation.

Witches' hat filters can be used for softening, desalination, water filtration and water pre-treatment systems, as well as less-demanding industrial water supply and oil fine filtration equipment. They are primarily used to provide a filtering layer that removes solids suspended in water, oil and adhesive resin.

As a specialist producer of witches' hat filters, Croft Filters can manufacture them for a wide variety of applications. In stainless Steel 316, we can make them with a pore size of as little as 1 micron, using a single mesh or a number of meshes to achieve the required micron rating.

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