29 April 2020

Luxinar introduces new SR 08s laser for marking, scribing and kiss cutting applications

Laser manufacturer Luxinar is pleased to introduce the SR 08s for marking, scribing and kiss cutting applications requiring average rather than peak power. The new low power sealed laser source is an extension to the company’s established SR series of CO2 lasers; it targets both existing customers needing a broader range and new customers who prefer lower power of less than 125W.

The compact lightweight SR 08s is available in two wavelengths, 10.6µm and 9.3µm, with a rated power of 80W for the 10.6µm and 60W for the 9.3µm version.  Like all of the SR series lasers, the SR 08s is IP66 rated to ensure a high level of protection against dust, heat and water spray, making it ideal for the harshest of industrial environments.  The simple control interface and compact mechanical design of the unit allow easy integration into a variety of laser-based processing machines. 

Andrew Chambers, Sales Director of Luxinar explains “The new unit is ideal for marking, scribing and kiss cutting in a variety of industries including packaging, textiles and electronics, and extends our product portfolio from 80-1000W in the 10.6µm version and 60-340W in the 9.3µm version.”

As with the rest of the Luxinar range of CO2 lasers, the minimum shipment power of the SR 08s is 20% higher than the rated power, this gives both extended lifetime and increased reliability. Together with high throughput, economy and flexibility these are the main features associated with the SR series of CO2 laser sources.

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