6 February 2020

New Luxinar diagnostics tool allows easier access to information on lasers

Luxinar has integrated a new diagnostics web server into the OEM 45iX laser which displays real-time internal environment information from the laser in an aesthetically pleasing, easily accessible manner. The laser can be connected directly to the PC via Ethernet or connected to the local network. If connected to the local network, any device that runs a modern web browser can access the diagnostics tool. The diagnostics tool was developed using standard web APIs supported by mainstream browsers, ensuring maximum compatibility on most browsers, and ease of access.

A local diagnostics tool desktop application has also been developed for communication with industrial lasers; this tool provides the same functionality, and is designed to be compatible with the previous version OEM 45iX, a good solution for customers who already own the older builds of the OEM 45iX.

Currently offered for the OEM 45iX, Luxinar’s 450W sealed CO2 laser source, the company plans to extend availability to its OEM 65iX 650W laser source and other lasers in the Luxinar range in the future.

Steve Owen, Engineering Manager of Luxinar, states: "This updated piece of software opens new possibilities for our OEM customers such as preventive maintenance.  OEM customers will be able to download information and, with our proprietary designed interface, they can develop predictive maintenance applications.  Adding this updated function to our existing OEM series enhances the Industry 4.0 capabilities of our product line."

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