14 November 2019

Aerotech at Precisiebeurs - Laser scanner in comparison

The precision technology industry has been meeting in Veldhofen in the Netherlands for 19 years now, and Aerotech demonstrated the advantages of the AGV-SPO galvo scanner over an HPO at their stand. Other highlights include the new innovative Automation1 control system, the successor to the A3200, and IFOV (Infinite Field of View) for laser processing.

At the precision trade fair in Veldhofen, trade visitors saw how Aerotech´s high-precision positioning systems work. “As a long-standing research and development partner for precision manufacturing, we are pleased to be able to present our innovative range of solutions to trade visitors at Precisiebeurs, enabling them to optimise their manufacturing processes in the long term”, says Simon Smith, European Director Aerotech. “The focus is on our AGV galvo scanner and the new Automation1 control platform.” 

The AGV-SPO (Single Pivot Point) galvo scanner improves complex, laser-based manufacturing processes by enlarging the field of view, enabling higher throughput with measurably higher precision and consistency, and requiring less space. Its innovative optical design uses focussing optics more effectively and reduces distortion of light spots throughout the working area.

At the trade fair, both galvo scanners AGV-HPO and AGV-SPO were compared in a demo system. This showed how the synchronised motion of two mirrors of the AGV-SPO allows a larger uniformly illuminated field of view. “We can process workpieces with significantly larger dimensions precisely because the laser spot size remains constant over a significantly larger field of view.”

Aerotech offers the AGV-SPO with a variety of options including selectable laser wavelength, F-theta lens and cooling functions. “The AGV-SPO is ideal for achieving the highest precision and dynamic performance in laser processes, resulting in improved part quality, higher process yields and higher throughput”, says Simon Smith.

Figure caption: Aerotech demonstrates the advantages of the AGV SPO galvo scanner over an HPO laser: virtually infinite field of view, higher scanning clock rates and improved performance, no stitching.

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