10 October 2019

Luxinar to exhibit at Eurasia Packaging Istanbul 2019

Luxinar, a global manufacturer of sealed CO2 laser sources, will be exhibiting its SCX 35 and SR series sealed CO2 laser sources, and MULTISCAN VS CO2 marking system, from its expanding portfolio at Eurasia Packaging in Istanbul, between 23-26 October 2019.

Luxinar sealed CO2 laser sources can be used on a wide array of materials including paper, card, plastic, polymer, acrylic, glass, ceramics, rubber, FR4, wood, metal or textiles, to mention a few. Applications range from cutting, drilling, kiss-cutting and perforating to marking, engraving, scribing and welding. Its lasers are installed across many industries including food, beverage, labelling and packaging, automotive, personal care and cosmetics to name only a few.

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