1 August 2019

Prepare your laser cutting quotes with IpLaser

Dave Lindsey, MD of IpCompute UK and a former Job Shop owner, explains about the IpLaser estimating tool.

"Estimating for laser cutting has always been a hit and miss affair. You can be 10% below your competitors one day and 50% above them the next. This could be because your costing system is inconsistent and prone to user error, or your competitors is. If your competitor is quoting unrealistic prices and you are suffering the consequences, there is not much you can do about it except for wallowing in the knowledge that they are probably losing money. The important thing is to ensure that you are not.

Laser cutting companies, these days, tend to use generic manufacturing costing programs or spread sheets they have produced themselves. Whilst most of the proprietary systems are good, they are not specific to laser cutting and fail to take into account the little nuances which can make all the difference to the final result and can make the difference between winning the job and losing it, or between making a profit or a loss.

IpLaser is a highly intuitive estimating tool that has been developed by laser cutting professionals with decades of experience in the industry. It is also fully configurable and capable of including most secondary operations   

IpLaser has been in use in the UK, for ten years but, with the opening of our UK office, we are now in a better position to service customers and to follow up on the enormous interest being shown.

The system can be used internally for all laser cutting quotations but it was originally designed as an on line tool, one that can be accessed by customers to generate their own quotations, place orders and, if necessary, pay. Quotations can be generated 24/7, any day of the year and take only a couple of minutes to do."


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