23 July 2019

Lasermet wins contract to supply Jaguar Land Rover

Lasermet is pleased to announce that it has been selected as the supplier of the new laser safety enclosures to be used by Jaguar Land Rover as part of its UK investment in manufacturing new vehicles.

Lasermet manufactures its laser safety enclosures at its plant in Haydock. These form an integral part of the laser protection environment designed to keep workers safe from the potentially harmful effects of exposure to laser radiation. Looking after the health and safety of its workers is paramount for Jaguar Land Rover especially when working with high powered welding lasers.

Lasermet’s “Laser Castle” enclosures prevent any stray laser beam from escaping the laser welding area. The enclosures are also capable of incorporating an active-laser-guarding system called “Laser Jailer” that automatically turns the laser off in the event of a malfunction or failure, thereby providing a failsafe solution conforming to international laser safety standards.

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