15 July 2019

Crest Machinery supplies laser cutting device for large format applications

Aristo's new laser cutting device, LCDone, is especially designed to cut and seal PVC free materials for soft signage. 

In combination with a motorised rotating knife, called “Driven Wheel”, which cuts any type of textile material and a brand new textile drag knife, the customer gets a set up with up to 9 tools on the cutting table.

The biggest advantage for an efficient workflow is that there is no need for a special underlay when using the LCDone. It doesn’t matter whether the customer wants to cut PVC with the oscillating knife, kiss and die cut of vinyl, or use a combination of laser and motorised rotating or tangential drag knife for textiles, all  this can be done with just one setup. 

LCDone comes fully loaded with all required cables, tubes, controller unit and filter system. It can be retrofitted to all Aristo machines of the TL, GL and LFC series.

With the Large Format Cutter series LFC with up to 5 by 7 meters working area and more than 300 vacuum zones, equipped with Aristo’s new textile unwinding system, the customer gets a state of the art production unit for soft signage and other applications. 

Image: MultiHead VA7z in the middle, the driven wheel on the right and the LCDone on the left side on an Aristo Large Format Cutter LFC 5232C

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