8 June 2019

Coherent at Laser World of Photonics 2019

At LASER World of Photonics, June 24-27 2019 Coherent’s message will be “We’ve got your application covered.”

Across diverse applications, demand continues to expand for lasers and production equipment that deliver greater ease-of-use, functionality, and performance. Coherent supports these needs with a wide range of components, lasers, laser-based sub-systems, and turnkey machines designed to enhance productivity, reduce costs, improve results, and increase yields. Visitors to the Coherent exhibit will have the opportunity to see first-hand the impact of the company’s products and technology in several key application areas, including automotive production, ultra-precision manufacturing, life sciences and medical, and scientific research.

In automotive production, lightweight construction and e-mobility are most certainly topics of the moment. Coherent supports these trends with a number of unique solutions, including innovative welding technologies for copper hairpins and battery housings, zero-gap joining of galvanized steel with CleanWeld™, as well as smart system solutions for polymer welding and glass cutting.

Ultra-precision manufacturing is critical to many emerging market sectors and the next generation of innovation in displays, microelectronics, and even watches and jewelry. Lasers and sub-systems such as our PowerLine Series are playing a critical role as they perform applications such as micro-drilling, structuring, fine cutting, precision welding, marking and annealing. In all these applications, precision down to the micrometer is key, as well as minimizing heat-affected zone, and delivering high reproducibility and throughput. Coherent’s newest products for many of these applications will be on display.

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