5 June 2019

Laser gas solutions from Air Products

Gas mode of supply plays a critical role in ensuring that laser machine efficiency is maximised and that costs and downtime are reduced.  As each application is different, and gas usage varies, there is no 'one size fits all' in terms of mode of supply. 

Air Products advises production managers that if they are using more than 10 cylinders of gas per month: such as argon, oxygen or nitrogen, they should consider switching to microbulk. For mixed gases, the tipping point at which to consider switching is probably around 30 cylinders per month.

The storage capacity of our smallest CryoEase® system is 180 litres which is suitable for sites using around 12 cylinders per month. The CryoEase® service makes life easier for the production manager by taking the hassle out of stock control and management.  Each CryoEase® tank is monitored  to ensure a continuous gas supply is maintained at all times.  In fact, the key advantage of the CryoEase® service is the high-pressure refill capability available across the Air Products’ fleet.  There is no need to vent down your tank pressure and lose valuable gas and production time during the refill process, thus eliminating business interruption.

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