3 June 2019

TRUMPF's new offline programming for laser welding cells

The new TruTops Weld programming software allows users to create welding programs offline on a computer while the laser welding cell is producing parts. They then transfer the program to the machine where the TeachLine sensor system automatically adjusts it to match the actual position of the part. This minimises the need for teach-in processes.

TRUMPF’s new software has been specifically designed to work with the TruLaser Weld 5000 laser welding cell. Offering an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the software incorporates a broad range of TRUMPF’s accumulated technological expertise, including welding parameters and information on processing angles. It also integrates all the TruLaser Weld functions such as the rotary module and the TeachLine sensor system.

TruTops Weld increases machine availability by allowing users to create welding programs on a computer rather than on the laser welding cell. That means the machine can keep producing parts during programming and it divides up the workload more efficiently between the machine operator and the programmer. TruTops Weld also makes it much faster to create programs.

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