30 May 2019

SteelScout expands the number of metals it supplies

SteelScout, a technology-led online steel buying platform, will diversify into offering stainless steel, yellow metals and aluminium on its platform from June. From its launch only 2 years ago, SteelScout has become a thriving and rapidly expanding enterprise. With the addition of copper, bronze, brass and aluminium to the platform, SteelScout is seeking to establish itself as a multi-metal platform, bringing buyers better value and greater convenience across a broader range of metals. 

SteelScout has built a network of local stainless steel, aluminium and yellow metals suppliers across the UK. This network is modelled on its successful UK-wide mild steel network and will allow SteelScout customers from across the UK to request a quotation for multiple materials. These requests can be submitted via online, phone or email and will be processed by the company’s in-house technology platform.

Using its understanding of the market and their proprietary technology, the SteelScout team of experts will find the best possible quote for the buyer from its UK-wide network of more than 90 suppliers. Including newly added stainless steel, copper and aluminium suppliers. The scale of the SteelScout operation allows customers to have access to the best quotes available, making sure they can easily find the most competitive offer. 

Matt Yeates, Managing Director of SteelScout said “At SteelScout we are seeking to change the way businesses operate, as too many stick with one supplier for decades, rather than considering the wealth of other options. As we have for the mild steel market, we want to ensure that non-ferrous metal buyers can see the full array of supplier options, to ensure they get the best deal.”

The success of SteelScout is built on the high calibre of its staff, who bring years of experience operating in numerous metal industries. The team is led by Matt Yeates’ who has 15 years’ experience in various management positions within the UK and European steel sector.

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