11 May 2019

Folding bike manufactured with a Laserdyne fibre laser system

With a claim at being the most compact, lightest and safest folding bike yet, Helix Bikes utilises innovative manufacturing processes that make its unique design possible. Beyond creating a novel bicycle, Helix made the move to automate its manufacturing facilities to meet the demands for cost, quality and consistency. A LASERDYNE 430 BeamDirector fiber laser machining system was a key part of the new process in order to precisely bevel cut titanium tubing that is used throughout the bicycle.

For Helix, the steeply beveled edges of the titanium tubing required precise and clean cuts to accomplish perfect fit-up of the tubing for accurate robotic welding. Additionally, the 430BD fiber cutting system produces holes and slots in the tubular parts. But the key is the steep angle bevel cutting of the titanium tubes. This unique 430BDY capability allowed Helix engineers the flexibility to design the bike assembly for maximum rigidity and strength with the least weight where other tube cutting systems had limited or no titanium angle cutting capabilities.

Another helpful 430BDY feature is the system’s integrated control of 6-axis laser motion allowing LASERDYNE application engineers the capability to develop the robust and repeatable process for angle-cutting the titanium tubular components. The 430 BeamDirector® system incorporates LASERDYNE’S third Generation BeamDirector®. This gives users like Helix a unique capability for not only bevel cutting but also drilling cylindrical and shaped holes and welding a wide range of materials in addition to titanium, all with the same system.

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