10 April 2019

ES Precision shortlisted for Innovation Award

ES Precision Ltd has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Subcon Launchpad Awards 2019. The event is at the NEC in early June and aims to promote cutting-edge innovation across UK manufacturing industry.

The shortlisting is based on an innovative drilling solution that ES developed for Blatchford. Blatchford is a British company that develops rehabilitation products, many of which are used by veterans of our armed forces. Their award-winning range of lower limb prosthetics are designed to provide the best possible mobility, function and comfort after amputation.

Optimal control of a prosthetic limb depends on a comfortable and secure connection between limb and socket. Modern liner technology provides excellent cushioning, but the impermeable and insulating materials can allow a build-up of heat and moisture so they begin to slip and chafe. The patented technology of Silcare Breathe works by letting air and perspiration trapped between the liner and skin to escape through specially designed laser drilled perforations.  This results in drier skin and a healthier environment for the residual limb. 

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