8 April 2019

Coherent creates a Centre of Excellence for industrial laser processing

Coherent Inc. has significantly expanded its Gilching, Germany micromachining and sub-system facility, and completed the relocation of the company’s laser marking group from nearby Gunding. This “Centre of Excellence”, designated as Coherent Munich, will be a significant upgrade to the organization’s applications and R&D capabilities, and affirms Coherent’s commitment to the industrial materials processing and manufacturing segment.

Coherent Munich’s primary focus will be twofold:

1) Supplying high performance, integration-ready laser-based sub-systems servicing a wide range of precision industrial manufacturing and marking applications in medical device manufacturing, electronics packaging, and jewelry production.  Specifically, this will include the development and production of fiber, CO2 and solid-state laser-based sub-systems incorporating a laser, optics, software and applications expertise. 

2) Supplying a complete product portfolio of laser machines to accomplish specific tasks, such as glass or tube cutting, precision welding of metals and polymers, black marking, roll-to-roll packaging, and others.   


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