14 January 2019

Spectrum makes its mark on Mars

Spectrum Technologies' Nova laser wire marking equipment was used to process and identify all the wiring in the complex electrical wiring system for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Mars Insight lander.

Spectrum supplied Lockheed Martin Space in Denver, CO with a fully automated Nova 820 UV laser wire marking system in 2014. This is used in the initial stages of electrical harness production to laser mark, measure and cut wires to length. Apart from using the equipment for the InSight program, Lockheed utilise the equipment  for many other different programs including the wiring produced for the Kennedy Space Center for the Orion program.

The Nova 800 product range was specifically designed for complex aerospace wire harness manufacturing applications.

Peter Dickinson, CEO at Spectrum, said: “We may only have played a small part in this interplanetary project but I and all the team at Spectrum are exceptionally proud and excited to be associated with the Mars Insight program. InSight is truly leading edge and we look forward with anticipation to seeing what new knowledge it turns up while it explores Mars and its deep interior.”

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