7 January 2019

Vero Software becomes Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

From 7th January 2019, Vero Software will be part of the Production Software business of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, along with FASys and SPRING Technologies - adopting Hexagon's corporate identity. The formation of the Production Software business reflects Hexagon's broadening expertise in the production technology space. 

“Over the last five years our available technology and solutions have evolved considerably from the CAD CAM heritage of Vero,” explains Steve Sivitter, CEO of the Production Software business. “We’re increasingly focused on developing product synergies that will help customers improve quality and productivity. Our technology experts from Vero, FASys and SPRING have been working very closely together for some time, so operating together as a single entity is a natural step for us. We’re all excited at the prospect of what’s possible now creating innovative manufacturing intelligence solutions in the production software space.”

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