23 November 2018

Bystronic to focus on press brake automation at Southern Manufacturing

At Southern Manufacturing 2019, Bystronic‘s smallest press brake, the one-metre/ 40-tonne capacity Xpert 40, will be demonstrated equipped with the Mobile Bending Robot.

The automation module can be wheeled in front of the press brake and simply interfaced to it in a plug-and-play arrangement, turning the machine in a matter of minutes into a compact, automated bending cell for producing 3D sheet metal components.

Programming is carried out conveniently offline and ByVision Bending software allows data to be imported without interrupting the job currently in progress. The result is a cell with a high degree of process reliability that lends itself well to minimally-attended, multi-shift operation.

Retrofittable to any Xpert 40 press brake in the field, Mobile Bending Robot allows automatic production for larger runs of components, yet rapid access for manual bending of smaller batches and one-offs by quickly setting the robot module aside. All quantities can therefore be produced as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, ideal for subcontractors and other shops where order quantities are unpredictable.

As the automation module is on wheels and the press brake itself is small enough to be moved by fork lift truck, the entire assembly can be relocated anywhere in a factory to suit variable production needs.

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