19 November 2018

Unilase develops high rep rate green laser for high throughput materials processing

Unilase Ltd (London, UK) has developed a high rep rate green (532 nm) laser with an average output power of 25W and running at a pulse repetition rate of 500 kHz.

The UL532HRR DPSS green laser supports a number of applications, including the processing of battery terminals, PCB cutting and glass processing, by delivering high quality, high throughput laser materials processing from a robust laser source. “OEMs and Systems Integrators are looking for competitive pricing and impressive performance from green lasers, the UL532HRR delivers both.” said Dr Ara Minassian, Technical Director.

“Unilase is strongly committed to delivering green laser sources which offer customers an affordable, high performance, compact solution for industrial applications.” said Dennis Camilleri, CEO.

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