6 November 2018

Bystronic - keeping up with a 10 kW fibre laser

It is all very well investing in a fast 10 kW fibre laser cutting machine, but how can users feed it with material fast enough? If they cannot, customers could have bought a lower cost machine with 6 kW of power or less.

Answering this question was the main theme presented to 120 visitors at a three-day open house held by Bystronic UK at its Coventry headquarters and showroom towards the end of September 2018. To give an indication of the importance of material replenishment, a 10 kW BySprint or ByStar fibre laser machine can position its head at 140 m/min and cut 1 mm mild steel at 60 m/min. Depending on the complexity of the nest of components, the cycle can be completed in a few minutes and the smaller the sheet dimensions, the quicker the cycle is finished.

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