23 October 2018

PIRANHA picosecond laser marker from ACSYS gives outstanding quality marking

At the top end of high-precision laser processing, the new PIRANHA Multi with ultra-short-pulse fibre lasers is the latest generation laser product from ACSYS Lasertechnik UK. This compact picosecond fibre laser is ideal for fine-cutting of ultra-thin foils, high-precision micro machining of thin layers and the removal of  conductive oxide, anti-reflective, nitride or metal layers.

The picosecond laser capability, now available in the PIRANHA Multi is able to produce corrosion-resistant black marking especially on stainless steel – where the mark can be read with good contrast from any angle. Optical effects created on the surface microstructure generate the contrast without any melting burrs, making this ideally  suited for UDI (Unique Device Identification) marking of surgical or medical devices for enhanced traceability and having the permanence to withstand unlimited steam sterilisation (autoclaving) cycles.                   

Delivering a pulse energy of 25μJ, with pulses shorter than 3 picoseconds, the laser delivers ideal marking conditions and is capable of “cold” laser processing for micro machining taking advantage of the ultra-short-pulse. This transfers the high-intensity energy in less than the relaxation time, vaporising the material almost instantaneously with virtually zero melting. ACSYS recommends the picosecond fibre laser for processing of high-precision glass, marking of sapphire LED wafers and polymer processing.

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