22 August 2018

BOFA's GoldSEAL innovations increase customer value

BOFA International has launched upgraded technology that makes it easier for the jewellery industry to recover precious metals that might otherwise go to waste.

The new AD GoldSEAL Cyclone RS incorporates an innovative pre-filtration system - plus filter media that can be incinerated - to help operators recover precious metal particulate emitted through laser production processes. Lasers are increasingly used in the jewellery sector to personalise rings and other precious metal items.

BOFA’s new unit uses ‘cyclone’ technology to provide an initial separation of particulate from ‘dirty air’, with precious metal particles being collected in an easy-to-remove tray. This not only provides an efficient means of gathering valuable ‘debris’, it also extends the life of the more expensive main High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter.  

At the end of its working life, the HEPA filter has been designed to be incinerated, exposing any precious metal captured in the filter. This valuable material can be recovered and used again.

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