15 August 2018

UK subcontractor to become Europe's first user of Amada's new fibre-laser profiling centre

Recol Engineering Ltd, a Northampton-based subcontract supplier of complete metal-based manufacturing solutions, will become Europe’s first user of an AMADA ACIES-2515TAJ 4 kW CNC fibre-laser profiling centre, complete with double-tower automation system. The order also contains an AMADA HG-1003ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) automated press brake, taking the total order value to around £2 million.

Recol Director Ben Guntrip says that Recol is a company accustomed to “industry firsts”, and wanted nothing less for its investment in a new fibre laser. A team from Recol consequently visited AMADA in Japan to assess the new ACIES-2515TAJ. The 4 kW fibre laser is capable of cutting materials up to 6mm thick, including copper, brass and titanium. Featured is a 300-tool, 600-die automatic tool changer with ID tooling system for complete tool management.

“We will use the machine predominantly for processing stainless steel from 2.5 to 3.0mm in thickness, as this is where we will achieve the most gains, both for ourselves and our customers,” says Mr Guntrip.

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