11 July 2018

ULO Optics launches new collimator for fibre lasers

ULO Optics has launched its new, competitively-priced FT-CL Collimator as the latest addition to its comprehensive FIBER Tools 1 micron beam delivery range. 

The FT-CL model is designed to be easy to use, versatile and lightweight. It is smaller and more compact than other products on the market and the new FT-CL collimator has an adjustable focus. Designed to industry-standard sizes, the collimator is available in both 25mm and 50mm diameters, for use with fibre lasers up to 10kW of continuous wave power.

With two water-cooled optical components made from the highest grade fused silica with an AR/AR coating for 1.07 µm, the FT-CL collimator also comes with a range of focal lengths. It comes with a QBH Fiber connector as standard. It is a high quality, cost-effective solution for those requiring a new or replacement collimator.

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