4 July 2018

Advanced press brakes from LVD speed time from design to part

Two new LVD EasyForm press brakes are helping Dudley-based subcontractor De-Met dramatically reduce the time from design to part. The machines are also fitted with programmable sheet supports that allow it to form large thin sheets without them being damaged by buckling or creasing. This has allowed one of its customers to offer an enhanced product range on industrial metal doors.

Lee Kempson, Operations Director and one of the original owners of the business, says, “If it is made from sheet metal and someone wants it, then we will do it. There is almost nothing we will turn down. We do a very wide range of work and to do that we have a very versatile range of equipment, including an LVD Sirius laser and LVD Strippit punch press as well as our new LVD press brakes. 

“With the LVD machines, with the EasyForm® adaptive bending system and offline programming using the LVD CADMAN B software, you get from designs and prototypes to a finished item much more quickly."

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