5 June 2018

200th Bystronic Fiber laser cutting machine in the UK

Sheet metal subcontractor Accurate Laser Cutting has placed an order for another Bystronic fibre laser cutting machine, the 200th to be purchased in the UK since the Swiss manufacturer's subsidiary in Coventry started supplying them at the end of 2011.

The accompanying photograph shows celebratory magnums of champagne being presented to Jon Till and Steve Morgan, joint owners of the laser cutting and forming specialist, at Bystronic UK's open house in April 2018. The presentations were made in front of a ByStar Fiber 10 kW machine. A 4020 model will be delivered to the subcontractor's Oldbury facility in June 2018, where it will join a similar model installed in August 2016.

Jon Till explained, "The latest machine is being part-exchanged for a 6 kW BySprint fibre laser that we have operated for three years.

"Unlike CO2 laser machines, which have reached the end of their development cycle and are now close to being obsolete, fibre technology is roaring ahead and it is important to regularly reinvest in the latest plant to remain competitive.

"Having operated a 10 kW machine for over 18 months, we know that we can get 60 per cent more output when processing 5 mm mild steel using nitrogen as the cutting gas, for example, compared with using a 6 kW fibre source."

He also commented that unlike CO2 lasers, fibre lasers can cut reflective materials without damaging the optics, are less expensive to run as assist gases are not needed and consumable costs are lower, and maintenance is less frequently required so machine availability is higher. Moreover, the greater reliability of the equipment means that they are confident leaving the machines running unattended overnight.

In this latest investment phase at Accurate Laser Cutting, the company has just installed its third Bystronic pressbrake, an Xcite 80 electric model of 80 tonnes capacity and a bending length of two metres. It joins two Xpert models, rated at 320 tonnes / 4 metres and 150 tonnes / 3 metres respectively.

Additionally, the manufacturer's Plant Manager analysis, planning and monitoring module is being added to the BySoft 7 software suite at Oldbury to increase both laser cutting and bending productivity.

David Larcombe, Managing Director of Bystronic UK added, “In the first two years of our Fiber laser machines being introduced, we supplied seven in the UK. Many customers held back and continued to purchase traditional CO2 lasers.

"Our 200th Fiber machine in such a short time is a great testament to the acceptance of the huge benefits of this technology. Machines with 10kW cutting performance, considered impossible with CO2 deliveries, are now regularly chosen by our clients. We wish Accurate Laser Cutting much success with their second 10 kW machine.”

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