2 February 2018

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE offers Automatic Hypotube Coating Removal System for bulk processing of medical parts

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE announces the MIYACHI EAPRO Automatic Hypotube Coating Removal System; a laser ablation system ideal for removal of a range of biomedical coatings on round and cylindrical components including hypo tubes, springs, coils, and guide wires. The laser ablation systems may also be used for advanced surface treatments, including roughening, discoloration, foaming, and darkening or annealing. The clean non-contact laser process reduces or eliminates dust during manufacturing. It can be used to process most plastic and metal parts fed as a bundle or on a reel.

Laser ablation systems are the ideal choice for production of minimally invasive surgical tools used for unblocking veins and arteries. They can also be used to remove the Kapton® (polyimide) insulation to ensure good conductive properties for wires transmitting electrical signals, for medical implantable devices, such as pacemakers, neuro-stimulators, etc. The laser ablation process effectively removes hydrophobic coatings such as Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), silicone-based coatings, and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), including a wide range of nylon coatings.

The MIYACHI EAPRO Automatic Hypotube Coating Removal System provides a fully automated process that saves time and improves production processes, enabling higher throughput. The laser process creates a cleaner cut with smoother edges when compared to grinding, as well as a much cleaner surface after processing.

The MIYACHI EAPRO Automatic Hypotube Coating Removal System is a modular system adaptable to specific product requirements. To arrive at the correct, application-specific, laser ablation system AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE consults with customers using a multi-step testing process on wires and assemblies. This approach is designed to simulate the system in a real, high volume, production environment. 

With the standard system as the starting point, AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE collaborates with customers to redesign or modify the system to suit specific applications. Customers may also select the correct laser for their process, ranging from sealed carbon dioxide (CO2), nanosecond Pulsed Near Infra-Red 1070 nanometre (nm), to UV 355nm and pico/femtosecond lasers. Numerous system options are available, including automatic OK/NOK selection for output bin, in-line on-the-fly wire diameter measurement, and automatic wire length measurement.


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