1 February 2018

PRIMES launches power meter for high power densities: Cube M

PRIMES, the German specialist for laser beam analysis, offers a new power meter which enables measurements up to power densities of 250 kW/cm². The device features an ultra compact design (60 x 65 x 80 mm), which enables the use of the smallest of spaces. It is designed to monitor laser power in day to day production, directly underneath the processing optics. As the angle of beam incidence may vary ± 20°, the Cube M is the ideal device for micromachining and additive manufacturing applications.

This power meter comes with an easy, single button operation while the Bluetooth interface enables a convenient and wireless control of the device with a smartphone or tablet PC. The Cube App enables the graphical display and interpretation of measured values, as well as the definition of presets for measurement series. 

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