29 January 2018

Pro-Lite appointed distributor for Luminit Holographic Light Shaping Diffusers

The Pro-Lite Group Ltd (Cranfield, UK) has been appointed as pan-European distributor for the holographic, light shaping optical diffusers (LSDs) made by Luminit LLC (Torrance, CA, USA). Compared with traditional transmission diffuser material, a holographic light shaping diffuser provides for higher efficiency and more precise control of the shape and direction of propagation of the transmitted beam, in addition to homogenizing the light and providing for the excellent hiding of the light source and reduction of undesirable hot-spots. Holographic diffusers are an enabling technology in many lighting, automotive and display applications.

The Pro-Lite Group comprises: Pro-Lite Technology Ltd, which serves customers in the UK and Ireland; SphereOptics (Munich, Germany) which provides sales and service in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey and Eastern Europe; Pro-Lite Technology France (Bordeaux), which provides sales and service in France; and Pro-Lite Technology Iberia (Barcelona, Spain), which serves the Spanish and Portuguese markets.


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