12 January 2018

Laser converting systems open up new opportunities for TLM Laser



TLM is already active across a wide range of market sectors including automotive, medical, pharmaceutical and plastics. The company’s portfolio of laser products and systems is now further enhanced with the addition of LaserSharp® digital converting technology. The comprehensive laser processing systems developed by LasX are used for laser cutting, scoring, and perforating processes, eliminating the need for costly tooling and lengthy set-up times, resulting in greater efficiencies and higher productivity for packaging manufacturers.


The LaserSharp® digital converting technology now opens up many new opportunities for TLM Laser within the Packaging sector. The company will initially focus on “Breathable Packaging” and “Easy Open” applications, working closely and confidentially with packaging manufacturers and their engineers to develop new product specific processes or enhance and upgrade existing manufacturing processes.


Laser perforation produces clean, strong, and precise micro-holes, enabling a vapour and gas exchange processes through the packaging material.

LaserSharp® processing technology provides the ability to precisely and consistently score easy open packaging films at controlled depths. The key to this process involves the advanced control software of the LasX system, which constantly monitors and adjusts the laser’s power to ensure a consistent score depth. Laser scored features can be applied in both machine (down web) and transverse (cross web) directions for easy open packaging products.


TLM Laser Director Andy Toms comments on the new technologies available to the company: “We are delighted to be partnered with LasX that has such a strong reputation and a great product range. We are excited about the new opportunities this will open up for TLM Laser and the benefits which we can bring to packaging brand owners and converters.”

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