20 December 2017

Gratnells Engineering invests in state of the art laser technology

A brand new BLM LT Fibre machine was craned through the Gratnells Engineering factory doors on the 4th December. The machine sits next to their current LT5 laser allowing them to expand their capabilities and further benefit clients with even faster turnaround times. After a nail-biting morning, the huge machine was carefully craned off of the lorries and into place, the BLM team were there to finish up and hit the ‘on’ button.

The LT Fibre cuts tubes of any shape, process special sections and even open shapes without any special equipment. The anti-crush technology processes even the lightest of tubes without deforming the walls. The laser machine reduces scrap wastage by setting the sequence of parts to be cut minimising end of bar. The laser was placed to increase factory efficiency allowing them to programme unloading to various positions, meaning that parts can be removed from one side and continue production on the other and no longer needs to manually separate parts from different orders.  

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