13 December 2017

AMADA unveils new compact press brake.

Based on decades of experience in bending sheet-metal parts and the proven reliability of its HFE-M2 range, AMADA has unveiled its new compact press brake. The HFE-5012M2 is designed with user ergonomics and high productivity in mind and was previewed for the first time in the UK at the AMADA’s Christmas exhibition between 5-7 December.

Over 220 visitors to the exhibition, discovered that the new HFE-5012M2 has been developed to offer the fast and comfortable bending of small parts with medium complexity. The machine provides 50 tonnes of bending force and a working width of 1270 mm.

Thanks to the performance of the upper beam combined with the velocity and flexibility of the new back gauge, high efficiency is a primary attribute of the HFE-5012M2. The open height of the frame has been increased, resulting in an optimised solution for all tooling types, and allowing for deeper box bending. Furthermore, the new, narrower lower beam increases process flexibility and combines ergonomics with crowning precision, while the back gauge with active security provides both better productivity and safety with its high-speed motion yet a low-impact force.

The HFE-5012M2 has been equipped with several features designed specifically to support the comfort of the operator, including: a reclining and adjustable table; an ergonomic chair with adjustable height and backrest inclination; a retractable footrest; six drawers equipped with tooling and inserts; and a workplace lighting kit. Last but not least, the AMADA Bending Pad NC represents an intuitive touchscreen HMI providing a user-friendly operating experience.

“The HFE-5012M2 is the first in a series of bending machines developed to more carefully consider actual working environments, aiding the operator’s daily activity with the benefits of comfort and enhanced productivity,” says Alessandro Perdoni, European Bending Product Manager at AMADA Europe.

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