7 December 2017

Nuclear AMRC's powerful new laser cell takes shape

The Nuclear AMRC's powerful new laser cell is now taking shape, ready to start developing innovative welding processes in the new year. The 16kW disk laser is believed to be the most powerful of its kind in the UK. The cell is designed to produce high-quality deep penetration joins, from around 15mm in stainless steel.
It will also be capable of delivering a simultaneous MIG weld for hybrid welding, and will be used to investigate laser cutting techniques for decommissioning.

The laser is carried by a six-axis gantry over a two-axis manipulator table which can carry components up to 15 tonnes, all contained in a safety enclosure measuring 10 by seven metres.

The cell is designed and built by Loughborough-based Cyan Tec Systems, a specialist in integrating robotic and laser systems for industrial applications.

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