8-9 July 2020

Online webinar - e-Mobility

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Workshop Chair: 

Paola de Bono






The world of transport is undergoing the biggest change since the early 20th Century, focusing on a rapid move towards electric vehicle (EV) production and the parallel reduction in petrol-powered vehicles. Highly demanding new emissions targets have been set by Government policy, aiming to meet net-zero emissions by 2050.

Advancements to e-mobility technologies have been made, however, before we can reach the point where electrification becomes the norm, there are a number of challenges for industry to overcome. These include light-weighting of components, process improvements, welding developments, real-time quality assurance in-production, safety, flexible tools and jigs, and prototyping from components through complete vehicles.

Laser technology has been adopted by the automotive sector, principally for its ability to perform high-quality and high-precision processing at high speed, and at low relative cost. In recent years several advancements have been made in laser technology which have the potential of making an important contribution, and thus, supporting the breakthrough of e-mobility.

This workshop will include presentations from equipment-providers, end-users, academic and industrial researchers in the e-mobility field. You will hear and see how the latest developments in laser technology as well as academic and industrial research are supporting the e-mobility agenda. A forum will be created in this e-mobility workshop, encouraging new thinking and industrially viable practical solutions.



(2 Sessions day 1 and 2 Sessions day 2)

Wednesday 8 July  Session 1 – 13.30 – 14:45 Sponsored by Air Products
Introduction – Paola De Bono, TWI UK
An overview of applications in e-mobility – Sullivan Smith, TWI UK
Battery welding applications in e-mobility – Arnold Gilner, Fraunhofer ILT Germany

14:45 – 15:15 Break

Wednesday 8 July  Session 2 - 15:15 – 16:55 Sponsored by Nuburu
Blue laser welding in e-mobility - Richard Gleeson, Nuburu UK
Laser joining of dissimilar metals – Jack Gabzdyl, SPI Lasers, UK
AI-Aided automation for Electrification– Giovanni Di Stefano, Comau  Italy


Thursday 9 July  Session 3 – 9.30 – 11.00 Sponsored by Coherent
New applications for blue diode lasers in the power range 500 to 2 kW – Andre Eltze, Laserline Germany
5G Telecoms assists implementing Industry 4.0 – Chris White, Ford & Chris Allen, Vodafone
Advances in copper and multi material welding using fibre lasers – Thomas Hofmeister, Coherent

11.10 – 11.30 Break

Thursday 9 July  Session 4 – 11.30 – 13.00 
Funding opportunities for e-mobility - Dan Bunting, APC  UK
Solving challenges in e-mobility with fibre lasers -  Mark Thompson. IPG Photonics
Laser welding at TWI supporting the e-mobility agenda - Chris Allen, TWI UK





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Sessions 3 & 4 (9th July)  40 GBP

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Sessions 1 & 2 (8th July)  60 GBP
Sessions 3 & 4 (9th July)  60 GBP

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